A short, cutting, heartfelt narrative experience about friendship, valleys, aliens, and old—but not necessarily good ol'—times.
Made in 4 days for #AdvJam2016.

Platforms Browser (WebGL), Steam (Win/Mac/Linux)
Status Jam version complete, [encore] under development
Release Date Jam Version: May 24 2016, [encore]: TBA
Screenshot Screenshot

Credits whodunit

Daniele Giardini [Demigiant]
Ben Burnes [Abstraction Music]
Nate Piekos [Blambot]
Dialogues font

A post scriptum the right the wrong and the gong

Narrative-wise, there's a lot of things I would've wanted to tackle better/differently in this mini-adventure. Overall, the general tone is too over-the-top, while more subtle narrative layers are either non-present or just hinted at, sometimes in a very messy way. One example—spoiler alert—is the historical references. They're all wrong on purpose, but they're so few and barebone that it's not even noticeable.

On the positive side, considering that I wrote the story in the last day of the jam, I am not too disappointed by it. There's something there, and I'm very happy that Ben (Burnes) wanted to work with me, because his music is just amazing. This was also a field test for my own dialog editor, Outspoken, and that turned out pretty well.

I'm working on a redux version, which will feature everything I didn't have the time to do, plus animations, multiple endings, more storylines, and a complete rewriting in order to take better care of those narrative layers.

P.S. Before even thinking of what the story might be, I just knew I wanted the title to be Nothing Can Stop Us. There's a funny story behind it, but that's for another day.

Some nice words the pen the sword the paper's on fire

IndieGames.com - Konstantinos Dimopoulos

A beautifully illustrated, dialog-based game that offers a novel take at the CYOA formula. It's a simultaneously touching, funny, thought-provoking, beautiful, and brilliantly written attempt at excavating the future in the past.

Free Game Planet - Calum Fraser

...Nothing Can Stop Us is an incredible bit of storytelling. It’s a joy going through the ups and downs of memories of the pairs friendship, with some laughs and some very powerful emotional moments...

L'OUJEVIPO - Pierrec

...Quand j’y repense, je ne crois pas qu’un seul magazine érotique ait franchi le grillage du Planastel, et ma première cigarette, je l’ai fumée ailleurs. Nous n’avons jamais bâti de cabane non plus, nous contentant d’en fréquemment élaborer les plans. Et puis d’ailleurs, ce lieu ne s’est jamais appelé Planastel. Le Planastel, c’était le parc d’à côté....

Game Jam Curator - Sebastian Standke

...A bittersweet, lovely story game which shows off an eye for detail...