You throw your knives, we read your future. A game made in 3 days for a Game Jolt jam.

Platforms Unity Webplayer
Status Contest version complete
Release Date November 24 2014 (Webplayer)
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Some words the pen the sword the axe

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Konstantinos Dimopoulos

...though everybody knows that circus jobs can be incredibly entertaining to simulate, Bladesque wisely injects an extra bit of sadism and a ton of demented humour into the proceedings...

Zoƫ Quinn

...I have no idea how or why any of these things are the case, but at least now I know that I will marry a pope who also looks like my mother. Thanks, Bladesque!...

Credits whodunit

Michele Pirovano
Project manager, Game design, Coding, Blade walker
Renato Mainetti
Game design, Coding, Sword master
Daniele Giardini [Demigiant]
Fortune telling, 2D graphics, UI coding, Nihilist milkman
Gaetano Leonardi [La Boîte]
Game design, Character design, Dog whistler
Luca Eberhart
Environment design, Fisherman
Luigi di Guida
Music, Sound design, Scream queen