A sci-fi adventure into space station management, mysterious radio messages, motherfucking AIs, sociopathic people in charge, and finding oneself in a galaxy way too far, far away.
How far is far enough?

Platforms Steam (Win/Mac, maybe Linux), GOG, Switch
Status Complete
Release Date November 20 2019
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The team and the passion

Still There is published by Iceberg Interactive and developed by a collective of different indie studios/people: GhostShark Games, Demigiant, La Boîte and Abstraction.

Main Development Team

Daniele Giardini [Demigiant]
Story, Dialogues, Narrative Tools, UI, Additional Game Design
Davide Barbieri [GhostShark Games]
Project Lead, Game Design, Puzzle Design, Coding, Shaders, SFX, UI, Story
Gaetano Leonardi [La Boîte]
Art, Additional Game Design
Ben Burnes [Abstraction Music]
Domenico Barbieri, Armando Teoria [GhostShark Games]
Nintendo Switch Porting, Test Engineering

Iceberg Interactive

Raymond Snippe [Iceberg Interactive]
Business Development Direction
Kevin Shuttleworth, Bart Roozen [Iceberg Interactive]
Niels Kooijman [Iceberg Interactive]
Chris Bond, Nefeli Gkoni, Shona Fridh [Iceberg Interactive]
PR Management
Saskia Shoonebeek, Lola Rol [Iceberg Interactive]
Community Management

QA + Nintendo Switch

Alexandra Slaboiu, Adrian Margineanu, Razvan Paraschivescu
External QA
Akshat Tripathi, Ashish Kumar, Kunal Bidhuri, Siddharth Pandey, Mahaya Zeb Khan
Nintendo Switch Testing


Alexander 'McCoy' Skakovsky
Localization Coordination, Russian Localization
Nikita Semenov, Anna Kiseleva [Riotloc]
Russian Localization
Eric Holweck, Bérangère Holweck [Riotloc]
French Localization
Roland Strube, Roland Austinat [Riotloc]
German Localization
Simplified Chinese Localization

Special Thanks

Aki Maksimovic, Andrea Fazzini, Anthony Jauneaud, Bernardo Castrichella, Cristina who didn't like to be called Maria Cristina, Daniela Capulli, Eleonora Lorenzo, Ettore, Fabio Malerba, Federica Bocci, Jelena Đorđević, Konstantinos Dimopoulos, Laurent Victorino, Licia, Marianna Telesa, Paolo Ferrò, Paolo Manili, Pietro Polsinelli, Ruvon, Teo

Some nice words the pen the sword the paper's on fire

Indie Hive - Rachael Brearton

Overall, Still There is a fantastic example of a variety of individual genres and game types, and most impressively of how they can be so seamlessly combined to create a truly engaging and meaningful experience, one that I would highly recommend.

Buried Treasure - John Walker

I’m just blown away by the maturity with which this game discusses grief. And if for some silly reason you didn’t like any of that, it’s still got a really good chess game stuck in there!

Hey Poor Player - Heather Johnson

I have spent two days on this article, writing and erasing everything I’ve written because words simply don’t do Still There justice. A poignant, deeply moving experience that I know will stay with me for a long time, Still There lays bare the depths of grief, allowing us to look into a stranger’s mind that, as we play, realize easily mirrors our own.

The Games Machine - Stefano Calzati

Still There is an extremely bright, challenging, "tactile" point-and-click, which manages to gracefully tell a story of atonement, torment, dramatic but at the same time light, ironic, always ready to throw the right inspired quotation.

GameSpew - Becca S.

It’s hard to pinpoint what players will like most about Still There because there’s so much to choose from. While its puzzles are difficult, that just makes them much more satisfying when you finally solve them. Karl is a well-written, relatable character with such a heartbreaking backstory you just might find yourself tearing up as the story unfolds.

Indie Gamer Team - darkmikasonfire

I will state the writing is fantastic.

GameBuz - Nikola Miljković

...the atmosphere in Still There is incredible. The art style and music keep you immersed and the story is so well written that you feel like you just can’t step away until you complete it....

4Players.de - Matthias Schmid

An intense drama in a confined area. The puzzles make this adventure challenging, the story makes it unforgettable.